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    Gone are the days when museums trigger the use of words like uninteresting and boring. Parallel to the fast-moving world we live in, museums of today have evolved into fun and high-end interactive spaces that are conducive to learning.

    The Mind Museum (TMM), a project of the non-profit Bonifacio Art Foundation, Inc, provides an extraordinary educational experience that inspires the public understanding of science. Built on a concept that is uniquely Filipino, the museum’s many displays present science through over 250 interactive exhibits divided into five interconnected stories. The exhibition illustrates nature in scale, from the smallest thing in nature; to the largest, and everything in between: Atom, Earth, Life, Universe, and Technology.

    In partnership with Globe Telecom, the Mind Museum brings the many wonders of science to your mobile device through the TMM app.

    The TMM app contains relevant and engaging educational content packaged—also featured in The Mind Museum—in one rich multimedia platform available to iOS and Android users. In its home page and drop down menu, users can make use of it’s many features anywhere or when visiting the museum.

    Features that can be found within the app include: Mind Moving Ideas that offers new science facts each day and also displays museum events and promos; Exhibit Guide that provides information about each exhibit and provides maps on how to get to each one of them. It can also serve as a virtual tour for those cooped up inside classrooms as it is filled with galleries of the museum itself; QR Code Reader that allows museum-goers access to exclusive content on each exhibit through QR code scanning; Mind Starter that tests one’s
    know-how with mind-boggling, level-specific questions as you go around the museum; Learning Footpath that allows visitors to be immersed on a themed, self-guided tour around the museum with maps that lead to specific science topic displays; and D-I-Y Experiments that offers a collection of do-it-yourself science experiments and demonstrations similar to those being performed by its resident scientists in the museum’s Atom Gallery. In relation to the latter, the app provides step-by-step visual guides which can be done in the school or at home using readily available materials.

    The app also comes built with a K-12 Topics feature meant for a more organized learning guide per grade level for each user’s aptitude, something which educators and students can take advantage of.

    The Mind Museum is a non-profit, award-winning science museum located in Bonifacio Global City, Taguig. It is dedicated to providing an extraordinary educational experience that inspires the public understanding of science.

    Also published in GADGETS MAGAZINE June 2016 Issue.


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