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    It’s been six months since you got your phone. You’ve explored every feature on the device, and now no longer find it as appealing as the first time you handled it. This fizzling out is common for anyone who has bought a smartphone, but fortunately there are plenty of ways to spruce up your daily driver. One that doesn’t involve shelling out money is the simple act of downloading new apps. We once again round up a few new apps that would give your phone extra oomph.

    Adobe Spark Post
    iOS, Android, and web (Free)

    Need a cool banner for your creative project, or an attention grabbing cover for your Facebook event? Adobe Spark Post can help you create stunning, professional-looking graphics in just a matter of minutes. The app and its web version feature a whole panoply of design templates for various occasions, seasons, and activities. Spark Post also gives you photos, filters, effects, fonts, and more customization elements, in a clean and simple interface, to play around with so you can make stunning graphics even without a background in design. Once you’re done, you can save your output in your phone’s gallery or share it across social media platforms

    7 Years From Now
    iOS and Android (Free)

    Ever fantasized playing a role in an adventure-packed anime? 7 Years From Now will allow you just that. This story-driven RPG has the player control Haruto Soraki in a fictional Japan. On his spring break, Haruto returns to the town he grew up in and slowly pieces together seemingly fragments of memory from his childhood. With the player controlling Haruto go destinations and interact with other characters, a gripping story that revolves around secrets and friendship unfolds. The game is pretty long, but do know that it is chapter-based and progress can be saved.

    Life Is Strange
    Android (Free)

    Life is Strange is now on Android. If you haven’t heard of this award-winning and critically acclaimed adventure game, now’s your chance to give it a whirl. Like 7 Years From Now, Life is Strange is an RPG but you get more control over the story, and extremely stunning in-game graphics. In this game, you play photography senior Max Caulfied. As soon as this heroine discovers she can rewind time, an adventure-packed narrative will ensue. Your role in the game is to control Max and make decisions that can alter the past, present, or future. It’s a game of choices and you have a hand in how the story will go.

    iOS and Android (Free)

    Sleep is important. We cannot stress it enough. It restores energy, repairs and grows tissue, and leaves you feeling refreshed. If you have trouble falling asleep however, your health will suffer. Gift yourself a good night’s sleep and health with Pzizz. This app offers an advanced sleep system that utilizes the science of psychoacoustics to address your slumber issues. It combines sounds and a soothing, variable voiceover to help you relax, clear your mind, and ultimately enjoy sleep. You could set your wake up time and the Pzizz will buzz at the right moment. Beyond helping you sleep, the app also has a nap and focus module.

    iOS and Android (Free)

    In this busy world, it’s just hard to accomplish some things even if you are willing to. There are deadlines, tight schedules, and work that need to be put first. But tech finds a way, and in this case it’s in the form of an app. MyKuya is an app that allows you access to extra helping hands. Let’s say you need someone to purchase office supplies. You can punch in your request and the app will connect you with a partner. Your ‘ATE’ or ‘KUYA’ will then accomplish the task for you. MyKuya gives you the option of getting a female or male runner, or a rider for a fixed cost per 30 mins. What’s great about the app is its mission to provide job opportunities for Filipinos. You get the help you need and also give help in return.

    Also published in GADGETS MAGAZINE August 2018 Issue.

    Words by Mia Carisse Barrientos

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