With Viber My Notes you can organize your life within one app

    Viber, one of the world’s leading messaging apps, has rolled out its newest feature, My Notes, a new dedicated space in the chat list to help users organize and simplify their daily tasks without having to download a separate app. 

    My Notes allows Viber users to create to-do lists and check them off when complete as well as save their favorite messages, videos, photos, and stickers in one place. What’s more, the new feature is synced across all devices where Viber is installed, making it easier for them to update the list either on their smartphone, computer, or tablet. An option for setting reminders is also in the works. 

    Viber added this feature knowing that many of its users’ daily activity consists of constant multitasking—working while receiving messages, calls, and videos—making it challenging for them to keep track of everything in one place. 

    “Making everyday life easier for our users is crucial and with My Notes we take it to another level,” said Ofir Eyal, COO, Rakuten Viber. “Our users already value and trust Viber because of our privacy-protecting features and faster performance. We’re excited for them to experience these new tools to effortlessly organize their thoughts, wishes and tasks all in one app.”

    With over one billion users and over seven million interactions every minute on the Viber app, My Notes will further streamline users’ day-to-day tasks to make them as convenient and efficient as possible while remaining secure at all touch points. 

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