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    Dropbox 2.1 for iOS rolls out, features new PDF viewer

    TechnologyAppsDropbox 2.1 for iOS rolls out, features new PDF viewer

    Just this week, Dropbox rolled out version 2.1 for its iOS app, throwing in a jazzed up PDF viewer.

    The PDF viewer now allows users to look for any keyword or phrase in a file using a nifty search button. Users are also able to view pages of a PDF file in thumbnails, so jumping from one page to another is now easier.

    Also included in the update are the option to receive push notifications whenever someone wants to share a folder with you, as well as the ability to sort files by date modified.

    The Dropbox Android app doesn’t have its own PDF viewer yet, but it does offer the push notification option for shared folder invites.

    Source for 2nd and 3rd images: Cult of Mac

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