EnviroPop: Learning how to save marine life—the fun way!

    Technology Apps EnviroPop: Learning how to save marine life—the fun way!

    In partnership with AppLabs Digital Studios, the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) Philippines introduces its first app in the form of an iOS game called EnviroPop, which lets you virtually rescue endangered marine creatures found in the Philippines.

    EnviroPop offers a fun way of learning about the threats to endangered sea life. In the game, players get to save Clara the Clownfish, Dolly the Dolphin, Patty the Pawikan, Doogie the Dugong, Bobby the Butanding and Gary the Grouper from the treacherous hazards—Cyanide, Dynamite, Trawl Net, Oil and PET Bottle.

    Here’s how the game works: Tap three hazards of the same kind—three Trawl Nets, for instance—and swipe the screen to eliminate them. The more hazards you eliminate within the 60-second time limit, the higher the score. Your score is multiplied five times if WWF’s furry mascot, Chi-Chi the Panda, is beside a hazard chain. You can even share your score on Facebook and Twitter if you want to show your friends how awesome you are.

    The app also features a nifty fact file called the Enviropedia, which includes information on the creatures and hazards found in the game.

    EnviroPop is now up for grabs on iTunes. The full version costs USD $0.99 (roughly PHP 40), while the Lite version is free. Proceeds will go to the marine conservation program of WWF Philippines. As for its availability to other platforms, AppLabs Managing Director Ian Atienza claims that they will be releasing the Android app within the month.

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