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Bosch plans to enter inverter market with voltwerk electronics

The Bosch Group plans to acquire voltwerk electronics GmbH, a Hamburg-based supplier of electronic components and software solutions for the operation of photovoltaic arrays.

“In acquiring voltwerk electronics, Bosch can enter the inverter market, as well as draw on a broad product portfolio ranging from 3 kW string inverters to 1400 kW central inverters,” said Joseph Hong, managing director of Bosch Philippines. Alexander Gorski, Conergy’s director of operations and sales, commented: “We are very pleased to have found an investor and partner that is so highly regarded and strong as Bosch. It will now develop and drive forward the business of voltwerk electronics.” For Conergy, he continued, the sale of voltwerk electronics was an important move in the context of its strategic reorientation.

Inverters are used wherever direct current has to be converted into alternating current. As renewable energy and electromobility become more and more widespread, these inverters are playing an increasingly important role. For example, the direct current generated by a solar cell has to be converted into alternating current before it can be fed into the grid. And in 2 electric vehicles, a conversion process is also needed so that the electric motor can use the direct current from the battery. Furthermore, when recuperating brake energy and feeding it back into the battery, inverters and their sophisticated power electronics are needed once more.

Expanding the product range

Voltwerk electronics is to become part of the Böblingen-based Bosch Power Tec GmbH. Set up last January, its task is to drive forward the inverter business within the Bosch Group and to develop new generations of devices. This acquisition also marks the new company’s operational entry into this market. Bosch Power Tec will start its operating activities in the area of photovoltaics. “Inverters are at the heart of every solar array. In the coming years, therefore, we want to grow with this dynamic market in all the world’s major regions,” said Dr. Andreas Stratmann, the general manager of Bosch Power Tec.