DJI revolutionizes filmmaking with the launch of RS4 and RS4 Pro stabilizers

    TechnologyCamerasDJI revolutionizes filmmaking with the launch of RS4 and RS4 Pro stabilizers

    DJI, the global leader in advanced and creative camera technology, unveiled the RS4 and RS4 Pro in the Philippines, showcasing the latest groundbreaking additions to their renowned lineup of stabilizers. 

    These latest innovations in camera stabilization systems and new additions to DJI’s stabilizer series are all engineered to transform the filmmaking landscape by combining robust physical design with intelligent functionality, catering to both individual creators and professional film crews.

    Released globally last April 9, the RS4 and RS4 Pro are designed to take users’ cinematic ventures to the next level, as these stabilizers integrate seamlessly with DJI’s advanced ecosystem of products, enhancing performance across all filmmaking dimensions.

    The launch of the RS4 and RS4 Pro marks a significant milestone in DJI’s journey of empowering filmmakers and content creators around the globe.

    DJI RS4

    Advanced Engineering for Unmatched Performance

    The DJI RS4, known for its lightweight design, supports a payload of up to 3kg, making it perfect for mainstream mirrorless cameras. It introduces features such as 2nd-Gen Native Vertical Shooting, Teflon™-coated axis arms for smoother balancing, and a high-capacity battery grip that extends operational times extensively.

    Elevating professional capabilities, the RS4 Pro boasts a higher payload capacity of 4.5kg, thanks to its durable carbon fiber construction. It features enhanced motor torque, ensuring stable, precise movements even with heavier camera setups. Both models come with second-generation automated axis locks, reducing setup times and enhancing shooting efficiency.

    DJI RS4 Pro

    Seamless Integration and Versatile Functionality

    Both stabilizers are equipped with the 4th-Gen RS Stabilization Algorithm, which optimizes performance across various shooting scenarios, allowing filmmakers to capture smooth and refined footage. The integration with DJI’s Focus Pro lens control system and DJI Transmission facilitates a seamless operation in focus and zoom adjustments, enhancing creative control.

    Innovative Control and Customization

    The RS4 series extends beyond basic stabilization with features like the OLED touchscreen with auto-lock, Bluetooth wireless control, and customizable trigger functions for dynamic shot choices such as FPV mode and 3D Roll 360. The RSA communication port and support for the expansive DJI accessory ecosystem allow for comprehensive customization and functionality, adapting to any filmmaker’s needs.

    User-Centric Design for Enhanced Operational Efficiency

    The DJI RS4 and RS4 Pro are meticulously designed with the operator’s ease of use in mind, featuring innovations such as the new OLED touchscreen with an intuitive auto-lock function that prevents unintended settings changes during the most critical moments of shooting. Additionally, the upgraded automated axis locks on both models significantly speed up the preparation and packing processes, allowing filmmakers to transition swiftly between shots and setups without sacrificing stability or security. These user-centric improvements ensure that creators can focus more on their art and less on equipment adjustments, fostering a more creative and productive shooting environment.

    Professional Solutions and Ecosystem Synergy

    The RS4 Pro specifically provides advanced solutions for demanding filming conditions, including Car Mount Mode and Dual Focus & Zoom Motors. It supports the Ronin Image Transmitter for high-definition live feeds and remote camera control, embodying DJI’s commitment to professional-grade equipment.

    The RS4 and RS4 Pro are the epitome of DJI’s innovation in cinematic technology. These tools are designed not just to meet the needs of professional filmmakers but to expand what is possible in cinematic expression. They represent a leap forward in our mission to provide creators with technology that enhances their creative vision. 

    Focus on the Future with DJI Focus Pro

    Both the DJI RS4 and RS4 Pro are also designed to seamlessly integrate within the DJI ecosystem, enhancing their utility and versatility. A pivotal feature is their compatibility with the new DJI Focus Pro system, which allows for precise lens control, crucial for achieving sharp focus in dynamic filming scenarios. This integration is complemented by support for DJI Transmission, providing robust video transmission capabilities that ensure real-time monitoring and control for both solo operators and teams. This ecosystem synergy not only simplifies the operational workflow but also significantly enhances the efficiency and quality of production, allowing filmmakers to achieve professional results with less effort and more confidence.

    While DJI recently introduced the Focus Pro, this state-of-the-art focusing system that promises to revolutionize lens control through its advanced LiDAR technology will not be currently available in the Philippines. But, nevertheless, its global impact will be significant, further demonstrating DJI’s commitment to innovation in cinematography, and giving a glimpse of the near future to Philippine consumers.

    Global Impact and Availability

    The RS4 and RS4 Pro are now available through DJI’s official retail channels. While the Focus Pro, a pivotal part of the system offering advanced LiDAR autofocus capabilities, will not be available in the Philippines, its introduction to the global market sets a new standard for precision in focus control.

    The DJI RS4 and RS4 Pro can be ordered and purchased at all DJI authorized retail stores and online at DJI Experience Stores across key locations including SM Aura, SM Mall of Asia, SM Megamall, SM North EDSA, SM Seaside Cebu, SM Palawan, and One Ayala. They can also be purchased online via TikTok Shop (@djiphilippines), Shopee, and Lazada

    Priced at PHP25,490 for the RS4, and PHP46,690 for the RS4 Pro in the Philippines, the DJI RS4 Series is set to redefine top-quality stabilizer technology for users, filmmakers, and content creators at an affordable price.

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