Quick Look: Fujifilm X-A3 Mirrorless Camera

    The X-A3 has a compact and lightweight body that houses an LCD screen that tilts 180 degrees, 24.2 megapixel APS-C sensor with the image-processing engine, and Fujinon lens, making for a perfect combination that creates outstanding image quality. The camera can shoot approx. 410 frames per charge, and, when fitted with the supplied lens “XC16-50mmF3.5-5.6 OIS II,” it can focus on a subject at a distance of approx. 7cm from the front edge of the lens for leading macro capability in its class.

    This mirrorless camera comes with retro design that appeals to all generations. Its top cover, front plate and top dials are made of aluminum. Meanwhile, the newly developed faux leather has significantly enhanced the overall texture of the camera’s body. 

    It is available in silver, brown, or pink.

    Quick Specs:

    • Effective Pixels: 24.2 million
    • Image Sensor: 23.5mm x 15.7mm (APS-C) CMOS
    • Storage Media: SD Card (-2G) / SDHC Card (-32G) / SDXC Card (-256G) UHS-I
    • LCD: 3-inch 180° Tilting LCD & Portrait Enahancer for Selfie
    • Flash: Super Intelligent Flash 

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