Millenial Starter Packs: How to Rock

    Scott Pilgrim vs. the World: A guide on how to rock

    As one of my favorite movies puts it, it’s either you rock, or you suck. Don’t be the sucker that gets left out, strive to be the former!
    If you’re anything like our here, then you’re pretty much set for life. You ooze with confidence and pretty much know your talent and place in a world that craves for uniqueness and value. You’re fine, that is until you find out that you have to battle the exes of the girl of your dreams. Don’t fret. Here’s a guide on how Scott pulled it off, and how you could too.

    Invest in your musical skill

    Purchase your own instrument
    In a world full or routine and repetition, it pays to be unique and valuable. Music is a way to pump up your personality, and is definite way to help you escape the dullness of school, or that 9 to 5 desk job that sucks the life out of you. If you’re serious about investing in talent, you should definitely consider investing in an instrument of your own. Find one, buy one, own it, name it, and be one with it! Trust me when I say that you’ll be doing yourself a favor.

    Edit your material in post
    Once you’ve found your own tune, the next step is to make yourself heard. Record your solo tracks (or your band’s), edit, enhance, and distribute! One of the best digital audio workstations and MIDI sequencer softwares out in the market is Logic Pro, so if you haven’t explored the program, do so at the soonest. And if you’re going solo, you could try Apple’s GarageBand and enjoy making a hell of a tune. GarageBand allows you to sync instruments, combine tunes, and make your own song. Experimentation is key, but if you find yourself lost with all the music softwares, remember that YouTube is your friend. Watching a few videos here and there will get you started.

    Look for inspiration
    There are plenty of “Greats” out there—some new, and some old. It never hurts to be inspired by the work of others. If you’re old school and enjoy music in its raw form, you can always go and buy Vinyls and CDs. If you’re the type that enjoys the convenience of music access, there’s Spotify and Apple Music.

    Work hard, play hard, and do so with your friends.

    Dance Dance Revolution
    Bonding is key. In the film, Ninja Ninja Revolution, a spin-off of Dance Dance Revolution, was a huge hit. There’s no reason why it wouldn’t be. If you haven’t set your foot on those arrow pads yet, then you’re missing out! Bonding is key, and trying out Dance Dance Revolution can be a fun and light way to bond and enjoy with your friends and, at the same time, burn calories along the way. Dance Dance Revolution can be played in your nearest arcade, as well as at home with the Wii, PS2, PS3, Xbox 360, and PC.

    Rock Band
    It’s free to dream. If you’ve got some second thoughts on purchasing an instrument and investing time to learn and master it, then you can always try out Rock Band and feel how it feels to rock. There’s drums, vocals, and guitar playing on this one, which should be perfect when played with friends.

    Mortal Kombat
    Okay, okay. You might not need to literally battle your dream girl’s exes, Mortal Kombat style, but you could always find pleasure in playing one of the best fighting video game franchises out there, Mortal Kombat. Keep your game face on, and be prepared to bring out your competitive side.

    A sound mind, in a sound body
    Don’t be wimp and fall unprepared. In fulfilling the goal of defeating exes, Scott had to battle out ninjas, sucker punch exes, and go Mortal Kombat on them. You probably wouldn’t have to do the same, but it pays to be prepared. Invest in parkour classes, mix martial art classes, and what not. And though you may never have to actually physically fight another to win someone’s heart, staying fit and healthy is a definite plus in becoming a better version of yourself for that special someone.

    Also published in Gadgets Magazine March 2018 issue
    Words by Gerry Gaviola
    Art by Theresa Eloriaga

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