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Acronis adds Notary with Blockchain and CloudRAID to software-defined storage

Acronis, a hybrid cloud data protection provider, has announced the launch of Acronis Storage, the world’s first software-defined storage product with blockchain-based data authentication and universal file, block, and object support.

“This year, Acronis released the most complete set of data protection products based on our new hybrid cloud architecture. Just like the rest of our products, Acronis Storage is  number one in its class. Acronis Storage allows service providers to take control over their data and we are committed to helping them grow their business by providing the world’s best and fastest data protection solutions,” said Serguei Beloussov, the founder and CEO of Acronis.

Acronis Storage promises fast, easy, scalable, and cost-efficient deployment. It adds to the company’s already impressive portfolio, which includes Acronis Backup, Disaster Recovery, Files Cloud, and Monitoring.

The new service delivers high speed performance—five times faster than Ceph—through SSD caching, auto load balancing, auto data distribution, and parallel replication. It’s also universal, compatible with hot and cold data storage, as well as various APIs such as Amazon S3 and iSCI. Moreover, CloudRAID allows for configurable levels of redundancy for maximum data longevity.

To further lower the total cost of ownership, Acronis Storage helps service providers scale their system according to their needs. The system also allows lower hardware resource usage, adjustable redundancy, smart automation, and better resource management using a powerful, centralized web-based management console, delivering up to 55 percent less expenses compared to Ceph.

Acronis Storage is currently powering a network of 12 data centers, serving over 50 PB of data for over 125,000 devices.