SCG Solidifies its Footprint in the Philippines

    TechnologyEnterpriseSCG Solidifies its Footprint in the Philippines

    SCG, known as one of the leading conglomerate in the ASEAN region for the development of cement-building, packaging, and chemicals, expands its business further this 2019.

    Based on the data presented to the media, SGC’s net sale revenue in the Philippines for the year 2018 amounted to a total of PHP 18.5 million. While 29% goes to SCG Packaging, 34%  of which belongs to the SCG cement and building materials that is worth PHP 7.5 million.  51.6% comes from Mariwasa Tiles while the remaining 48.4% goes to the SCG brand.

    In line with its newly launch campaign of “Passion for Better”, SCG collaborates with the pioneer for Filipino ceramic tiles and subsidiary, Mariwasa Manufacturing Inc., and extends its services by providing bathroom solutions to the Filipinos. It has also announced the availability of Luxurio porcelain tiles, as well as Thai partner brand Cotto sanitary ware. Fiona, Mariwasa’s own produced lineup of sanitary products, are also set to be launched at the Worldbex 2019.

    Another revolutionary products that the company is set introduce are the SGC Portland cement type 1, SCG smartboard, SCG smartwood roofin made from fiber cement, and SCG thermal and acoustic insulations.

    The company also marks a fresh start with the announcement of its new country director, Anuvat Chalermchai. Prior to his appointment, he has served as the brand director for 8 years at SCG Cement-Building Materials in Thailand handling Cotto ceramic tiles, product technology, solutions, and channel brands for SCG. His first involvement with the company was way back 2001 when he became the vice president of SCG Trading USA. During his leadership, Cotto tiles were initially launched in the US market by establishment of sales office and warehouse, and eventually became one of The Home Depot USA’s core vendors. With his 30 years of experience in the industry, Mr. Chalermchai aims to steer SCG’s businesses in the Philippine market to attain continuous growth.

    Apart from the development of innovative products and services that enhances the standard of living, SCG also now shifts to digital with its online store,, that houses both SCG and Mariwasa products, and is still in beta test.

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