UnionBank empowers the future of banking with groundbreaking solutions

    TechnologyFinTechUnionBank empowers the future of banking with groundbreaking solutions

    Union Bank of the Philippines, a pioneer in digital transformation, has always been at the forefront of the future of banking by embracing technological innovations to empower its customers. It has been recognized as one of Asia’s leading digital trailblazers and continues to serve the growing needs of Filipinos everywhere.

    Recently, the bank held its 2022 UB Innovation Festival at the newly inaugurated UnionBank Innovation Campus (UBIC) in San Pedro, Laguna. With the theme “The Future of Banking is with U,” the three-day event celebrated innovative technologies, digital solutions, and applications in the financial sector. Among these were groundbreaking solutions developed by UnionBank such as eDAO (ePaycard Digital Account Opening), Remote Check Deposit (RCD), and Embedded Banking.

    eDAO offers an efficient, paperless, and fully digital payroll solution to corporate clients that eliminates the need to visit the bank just to open an account. It also simplified the account opening template and submission; eliminated the minimum required number of ePay accounts to be opened; and improved the card issuance process. More importantly, this allows businesses to scale up by embedding this service into their onboarding process. eDAO can be accessed through The Portal, UnionBank’s online business banking platform.

    Remote Check Deposit (RCD) is another feature on The Portal. It allows users to submit scanned check images in bulk for deposit to UnionBank. The user simply needs to upload the images along with the check details to The Portal, and then wait for UnionBank to validate the submitted images and details; and finally, deposit the approved checks. 

    RCD accepts up to PHP20,000,000 current dated and post-dated checks. Clients can upload hundreds of checks without having to go to a branch, and just monitor their warehoused, deposited, cleared, and returned checks online. In addition, it has cleared and bounced checks status display feature. RCD is the latest industry innovation for check payments that complements the Bank’s mobile check deposit service. 

    UnionBank remains at the forefront of digitization through its Embedded Banking, integrating financial products or services into businesses, providing immense value for enterprises and their respective customers. It allows entrepreneurs to manage their finances and at the same time handle their business on the platform. Embedded Banking makes payments more seamless and effortless as it leverages emerging technologies through APIs and blockchain. These enable e-commerce shops to provide a better customer experience with their clients. 

    Apart from eDAO, RCD, and Embedded Banking, UnionBank also launched UPAY, a platform that consolidates several payment methods and provides a single integration point for customers’ collections needs. It accepts the most common modes of payments like Visa and Mastercard credit and debit cards, bank transfers, and popular e-wallets, and also collects payments from other local banks. Complementing all these is UnionBank’s Supply Chain Finance (SCF), an online platform that provides secure access to buyers (dealers) and sellers (suppliers) network for efficient document presentment, receivable collections, and payable settlement whether via cash or financing terms. This promotes transparency through distributed ledgers and smart contracts which then eliminates fraudulent transactions, such as double financing.

    With all of these digital developments, UnionBank ensures not just convenience but the safety of users by employing multi-layered security controls — from its people, perimeter, network, application, host, and to its most important data. As more and more Filipinos shift to digital platforms, UnionBank continues to shape the future of banking through innovative solutions for all. Find out more about UnionBank by visiting its website.

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