Fujitsu Promotes Green ICT

    Technology Fujitsu Promotes Green ICT

    Information Communication Technology (ICT) has always been in the picture when it comes to running cost-efficient and optimal business  operations. Over the years, however, we’ve seen the ideal minimal energy impact drift further and further. With the apparent effects of climate change and the increasing concern on global environmental issues, enterprises are now beginning to rethink initial strategies while adopting Green ICT.

    Currently, research firm, Gartner, records that  the Global ICT industry accounts for approximately two percent of global carbon dioxide emissions (C02) emissions. The correlation  between  modernization and emission is clear: for as long as ICT products such as computers, printers, data centers and like are manufactured, used, and disposed of inefficiently, the worse it will get.

    “The ICT industry remains as one of the contributors to global warming. With this adverse impact, enterprises are now aged to take on steps to mitigate the effects to the environment. The challenge now, however, is for the distributors of ICT to extended greener products and services, said Raul “Cricket” Santiago, president and CEO of Fujitsu Philippines. Adding to his statement Santiago shares that currently there is an ongoing trend of adopting Green ICT that’s driven by the demand for effective  and efficient energy consumption. Further elaborating he shares that Green ICT is key to reducing overall consumption, and a way to reinforce recycling while making efforts to eliminate hazardous substances.

    As a response to the environmental issue, Fujitsu positions and society and the environment at the center of its management philosophy. For Fujitsu, the heart of environmental care is  lies with the recognition that environmentally-conscious product development begins at the initial design stage. Further fortifying this, Fujitsu has invested on its recycling capabilities to assure that its products are easily recyclable and reusable. From small efforts, such as bringing together small energy efficient technologies to monumental ones like defining its own stringent rules to eliminate hazardous products, Fujitsu has maximized its efforts. Adding to this is Fujitsu’s  reduction on electrical, gas, and oil consumption as well the company’s adoption of power-saving and energy-efficient technologies.

    “The concept of Green ICT is at the heart  of every products and services of Fujitsu. By doing so, we are encouraging the enterprises in the country to shift to a much greener and sustainable business processes,” said Santiago.

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