Gaming: ‘ A Glimpse of Overwatch’s New Healer: Moira ‘

    In case you didn’t know, developer Blizzard Entertainment added another remarkable character to its roster of Overwatch heroes. Meet Moira, a female mad scientist with a superb biotic abilities that can save allies through healing and deal great damage to enemies.

    Background Story

    Once a well-respected geneticist, Dr. O’Deorain’s brilliance in the field of genetics led her to a radical discovery—the detailed processes in DNA alteration at a cellular level. She sees it as a promising step in formulating cures for various diseases and maximizing human potential, but her colleagues think otherwise. They all see her work as unethical and dangerous in the field of science that pushed everyone, including Overwatch, to withdraw their support for her. False accusations also arose that made a great damage to Moira’s career.

    In order to continue her project, she received an offer from Blackwatch, the Overwatch’s covert ops division. She agreed to develop new weapons and technologies exclusively for the organisation. Unfortunately, her confidential employment was later discovered by high-ranking Overwatch officers. Everyone decided to cut their ties with her since then. Since the doctor is already at the razor’s edge, she was pushed to search for unusual ways of funding her project. Speculations say that the terrorist group Talon had been her sponsor after the disbandment of the peacekeeping force, Overwatch.


    Biotic Grasp

    Moira uses biotic energy through her left hand to heal her teammates. Her right hand serves as a long-range beam weapon that takes the enemies’ health and refilling Moira’s health and biotic energy in return.


    As its name suggests, this skill enables Moira to fade then quickly teleport in a short distance.

    Biotic Orb

    A rebounding biotic sphere is launched by Moira through her hands. It can either regenerate her allies or decay her enemies’ health.


    The hero’s ultimate skill; this long-range beam simultaneously heals Moira’s teammates and damages enemies.

    Also published in GADGETS MAGAZINE December 2017-January 2018 Issue
    Words by Jewel Sta. Ana

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