Get the beat going by teamin’ in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

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    Squad up with your team in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang to acquire free in-game items until April 30, in celebration of the newest JPOP virtual group, Sparkle! Dazzle your opponents with the unlikely trio, that features Melissa, Estes, and Fredrinn in the 2024 ALLSTAR spotlight. Catch their ALLSTAR Rave Live happening on March 30, and preregister for exclusive rewards here:

    The music fiesta brings players together through a series of celebrations and events to snag tokens and other exclusive in-game freebies. By teaming up with one another in a party or squad, players can acquire items quickly! For more details on the ALLSTAR RAVE Live, watch the trailer here: 

    Bedazzle with ALLSTAR and 515 in-game items in the General Draw!

    If you’ve missed the chance to acquire past ALLSTAR or 515 event skins — here’s your chance! Don’t miss this exclusive event and draw your dream skin by spending diamonds or ALLSTAR draw tokens. By drawing, you can also get ALLSTAR event vouchers that can directly obtain the new “Infernal Wrymlord” Moskov skin, which comes along with a special identity tag. 

    To access the draw, head into the ALLSTAR General Draw from your main UI tab, available from April 6 to 10. Other subsequent Draw Bonus Events are set to take place in April that offer additional prizes, so do keep a close look out!

    Turn the battlefield into a twisted fairytale with the enchanting Vexana skin!

    Transform the battlefield with Vexana’s new ZENITH skin, “Twisted Fairytale” and enchant your opponents! Cloaked in red and blue majestic robes and complete with her own crown, Vexana’s skill effects bring along a path of thorny, purple roses and poisoned fairytales as a result of her harnessing the power of dark magic. From the clutches of death, she emerges stronger than before with her new dwarf ally. 

    Vexana’s “Twisted Fairytale” skin is now available in the General Draw, until April 30. Players can expect a supporting Bonus Event happening from March 30 to April 2. For more details on her first-ever high-rarity ZENITH skin, please refer to the trailer here:

    Shimmer up with items from the ALLSTAR MEGA Sale and ALLSTAR Promo Diamonds

    Looking to brighten your image with new skins? Look no further at the upcoming ALLSTAR MEGA Sale, where items will be discounted for a limited time from April 9 to 14. 

    Stand to acquire Promotional Diamonds until April 9 by completing event tasks. If you’ve collected enough promo diamonds during the 16-day promo diamond event, some items may only cost as little as one diamond. 

    Relive great memories with the ALLSTAR Star Memories

    Had an unforgettable event last year? Share your ALLSTAR Star Memories with friends through social media platforms, such as TikTok to generate a fun, animal MBTI-personality test! The test results are based on your gameplay and progress, and you can view the outcome of your friend’s tests as well.

    Discover which animal category you fall under at Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, and download the game here: or like and follow MLBB on FacebookYouTube, and TikTok

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