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New Blood Championships: a Journey to DOTA 2 Glory

The  New Blood Championships, the world’s widely anticipated DOTA 2 tournament, is set to launch this 2017. Made a reality by Hong Kong-based organization, Purpose Win Entertainment Limited (PWEL) and leading South East Asian and Malaysian premium e-sports company, Fallout Gaming (FG), the tournament  will bring together the next generation of DOTA 2 players.

Last year, the e-sports duo successfully  culminated their first partnership project, the Galaxy Battles. The international DOTA 2 tournament then, held at Shenzhen, China encouraged a healthy yet competitive atmosphere for next generation e-sports athletes and aspiring professional gamers, and also provided a total pool prize of USD 150,000. This year, the new Blood Championships competition aims to bring the same class of competitiveness; up for grabs for the gamers is a total pool prize of USD 40,000, and main event slots to the second season of the Galaxy Battles.

With the constant and exponential adoption of e-sports, PWEL’s Project Director Sky Lim,  shares that e-sports goes beyond being just  a niche.“The market for South East Asian e-Sports has been growing rapidly, it is the second largest market in the world,” said Sky Lim. “Many players in the region are qualified to compete with the rest of the world. So we are looking forward to creating a ‘Shining Star’ South East Asian team that will have the ability to take part at the world stage of any esports tournament.”

The New Blood Championships will serve as an avenue for amateur gamers to earn their spot in the lightlight; thus, it’ll be stricly be for amateur players alone. All tier one(1) teams and players are prohibited in competing in the finals. It’ll consist of  three stages:  the Online Country Qualifiers; On-ground Country Finals; and the New Blood Championships Main Event. For stage one, top 16 teams from the qualifiers of the five participating countries (Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, and the Philippines, and  one additional “Rest of S.E.A” online qualifier that would consist of other countries in the region) will proceed to stage two. On the other hand, stage 2 will be a LAN event, to be held in high traffic locations, in order to feature the finalists from each participating country. Lastly, the New Bloods Championships Main Event,  to be held in Jakarta, Indonesia, will bring together  one (1) qualifying team from each country qualifier, (1) team “Rest of S.E.A” qualifier, and two (2) remaining teams from GamePlan’s DOTA 2 amateur tournament.

The first and second placers of the New Blood Championships will win main event slots to the Galaxy Battles Season Two, to be held in Manila Philippines from January 17th-21st  2018. As a means of providing an opportunity for redemption, the third and fourth placers will directly proceed to the Galaxy Battles Open Qualifiers Top 16 for a chance to win an Open Qualifier Slot.

“Building platforms that allow aspiring, competitive athletes to further their careers is the ultimate goal. We at Fallout Gaming have always believed in the building platforms that allow amateurs to progress further. Forging partnerships with PWEL and High Grounds only helps to accelerate our vision” shared Adrian Gaffor, founder and managing editor of Fallout Gaming.