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OnPlay’s NTales: Child of Destiny slated for release in SEA and Australia

OnPlay Corp., a Philippine-based game publisher known for bringing Rogue Life into our local shores, has announced the soft launch release of 2D RPG NTales: Child of Destiny across SEA and Australia.

The 2D game will be rolled out on Google Play Store & App Store this September with its worldwide commercial release set in the coming weeks.

Rulemakr delivers an end-to-end MMO and RPG experience. Unravel the Kingdom of Lancia as they chase the evil Dr. Deff that brought darkness to the peaceful world.

The game offers multitude of battles, exploration, and special features all in classic 2D RPG style. Players have the option to conquer its story line or go for challenging sub-quests. NTales added twists of MMO by implementing Raid Parties, Guild War, and PvP in-game. Another feature to make the gaming experience extra exciting, player avatars will be accompanied by adorable yet powerful monsters fighting along your side. These quirky characters also have a PvP mode of their own.

On top of these, you can also summon pets, enjoy various PvE and PvP game modes, and choose classic hero classes along with a wide variety of class builds.

NTales Event at Glance
To kick off its soft launch NTales: Child of Destiny is opening with easy to accomplish and several social events. Take home the Legacy Pack worth over USD 100 USD by participating in NTale’s soft launch.

  • Soft Launch Legacy Pack!
  • Facebook Milestone
  • Choose your Class!
  • Find the NPC
  • Like and Share NTales!
  • Review Rewards
  • My NTales Survey

For more information on the events events, visit the following channels: https://www.plug.game/Ntalesglobal, https://www.facebook.com/NTalesGlobal/; or watch its official trailer: https://goo.gl/g48E7V.