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Play Netflix’s Stranger Games

Got time to kill? Maybe travel back in time to the 80s in the process? You might want to try Stranger Games.

Stranger Games is a set of retro-style mini-games based on the hit Netflix Original Stranger Things (if you haven’t at least heard of this show, you probably live under a rock) released January 30.

The app was developed by Joey Cato, TV UI engineer at Netflix as part of the company’s Hack Day, a way for the development team to take a break from work and “experiment with new technologies, and collaborate with new people.”

You can play as Eleven and dodge vans to get to the Eggo® frozen waffles, or as a grown-up in a hazmat suit rescuing children in the Upside Down.

The games look straight out of an Atari and allows players to adjust static, distortion and blockiness of the image. The setting can even be changed to, say, Hopper’s trailer or the Police Station: pretty much wherever a TV is present in the show.

You can play the mini-games through this link.