Home Technology Gaming Who says PCs can’t be sexy? Certainly not Alienware.

Who says PCs can’t be sexy? Certainly not Alienware.


Alienware has just released their new Area-51 gaming rig. The company, which is generally known for its massive behemoths, has gone in an entirely different direction for the Area-51 redesign. It’s now a crazy hexagon that is so designed to maintain superior airflow, even when propped against a flat vertical surface. Though it’s all sleek and sexy, particularly to the designs of the past, it’s still all muscle. Despite the Apple-esque aesthetic, it keeps to its heavily-customizable roots, with enough room for three (!) full-sized graphics cards, DDR4 RAM,liquid cooling, and Haswell-E CPUs. The rig isn’t exactly LAN party material though, as it weighs a nerd-crushing 45 pounds.

There is, as of this moment, no word as to release date or pricing, but it’s expected to come out soon.

It’s so groundbreaking, Razer’s own Min-Liang Tan was impressed.

min liang tan

When a product is so good, it leaves the competition impressed, you know you’re on to something great.


There goes our Christmas bonus.