Globe incubator will help startup businesses become successful technopreneurs

    Globe Telecom, the country’s leading telecommunications company, has setup its incubator aimed at helping aspiring technopreneurs in launching their own businesses. Although this project has access to the resources that a large company like Globe has, it has its own independent mandate and the needed support from the community to sustain the movement. The Globe incubator will aid tech startup communities in getting off to a faster start and a better path by building an end-to-end support system that unites the ‘hardware’ of big companies with the ‘software’ of mentorship and community partnership.

    The Globe incubator will provide an advantage for startups by giving them access to a number of platforms that are usually open only to large established companies. These startups can get education and training programs tailored to their needs, one-on-one mentorship from experts in different fields, and peer support from the local startup community. They can also qualify for seed capital to help them launch their company as well as help them scale bigger by giving them introductions to partner companies within the Globe, Singtel, and Ayala networks in the Philippines and abroad.

    Head of Globe New Business Group, Minette B. Naverette, stated that this project will supply the environment and tools needed as well as seed funding, a startup development program, and support for integrating into business networks. She believes that while many Filipinos have brilliant breakthrough ideas for independent businesses and the means to make these scale efficiently through information and communications technology (ICT), web, and mobile applications, many of them don’t have the proper resources to pursue their objectives. In other words, they may be able to launch their business, but they do not have the training, capital, and business network to enable their startup to scale. The Globe Incubator will make facilities available, provide education and mentorship, and introduce entrepreneurs to the people and companies that can help their business develop and succeed.

    Furthermore, Navarette noted that the Globe incubator will provide sufficient funding for aspiring entrepreneurs to quit their jobs and focus on their ambitions of starting up a business. The incubation programs will last from three months to one year before graduation, giving room to other technopreneurs afterwards, while also being open to other strategic or financial partners participating. While technopreneurs can develop new ICT applications, websites, and other tech-related tasks, more traditional businesses can make use of the technology to create a better customer experience, improve operating efficiencies, and expand their reach   .

    Tech incubators have been revived around the world recently, and while there is a lot of funding out there available for good ideas, providing seed capital and facilities are not enough. This is why the Globe incubator aims to deliver more through its mentoring programs, network introductions, and intensive courses on how to launch and sustain a successful business.


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