HP Expands Virtual Application Networks for Enterprises

    Technology HP Expands Virtual Application Networks for Enterprises

    Here’s some good news for organizations that utilize networks—HP recently announced their Virtual Application Networks last May 15, 2012 at the Intercontinental Hotel Manila. It’s essentially a new cloud function that aims to improve cloud service.

    By 2020, 50 billion devices will be connected to wireless networks. More and more users are bringing their own devices to work, and 60 percent of enterprises don’t even know what mobile devices are on their network. This provides risk to the enterprise’s operations. At the same time, there’s also an increase in rich-media communications (such as web conferencing) and cloud applications connected to networks that slow down application performance due to limited bandwidth and network delays.

    HP’s Virtual Application Networks provides a virtualized view of a network to turn complicated physical enterprise networks into programmable, multitenant, and app-aware virtual networks. Firstly, there’s the HP Intelligent Management Center (IMC), which simplifies the management and use of employee-owned devices across networks. It provides visibility of every device on the network with an easy single-pane-of-glass management platform. Secondly, there’s the HP Dynamic Virtual Private Network (DVPN), which allows the automation of secure network connectivity to any location, saving on operational costs and making the deployment process a lot faster. It reduces IT complexity by 93% and IT staff can set up new cloud apps in a matter of minutes, unlike outdated networks that take weeks. Thirdly, there’s the HP 10500 campus core switch that delivers industry-leading throughput for rich media applications.

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