iPad 3 will have LTE, sharper screen and a quad-core processor, now in production – Bloomberg

    We usually don’t like stroking the fires of iPad rumors for the sake of web traffic, opting instead for more solid reports from reputable sources, but this rumor is pretty solid. Bloomberg has reported that the next iteration of the iPad will have LTE capability (aka 4G) and will sport a sharper screen according to three people familiar with the product. Furthermore, it seems that production has already started on the units this month, which will reach full swing by February. The new screen will supposedly have greater resolutions than HD TVs today, which leads us to believe that it would possibly have a 2048 x 1536 resolution display.

    So what does this mean for a market such us ours that doesn’t have commercially available LTE networks(yet)? Well, it only makes sense for Apple to make a version of the iPad 3 without LTE, as many other markets currently don’t have LTE yet. It may also mean that the two telcos will have to talk to Apple and ask them to make a version for their own LTE networks as the nuances of the LTE spectrum mean that you can’t just take an LTE device tailored to work on a certain network from the US and expect it to work here.

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