Lenovo unveils IdeaPad S2, looks suspiciously like a Transformer

    ArchivesLenovo unveils IdeaPad S2, looks suspiciously like a Transformer

    Hot off the CES floor is Lenovo’s IdeaPad S2, the Chinese firm’s latest entry into the tablet category. The IdeaPad S2 runs on a dual-core, Qualcomm Snapdragon 8960 processor, is about a third of an inch thick (that’s 8.5mm), weighs in at about 1.1 pounds (half a kilo) and comes with an optional keyboard dock, no doubt inspired by the success of Asus’ own Transformer tablets.

    The 10-inch tablet will be able to run for about 20 hours with the dock attached, and Lenovo says that the device will be able to support ICS. While the device pales in comparison specs wise with other, faster quad-core equipped tablets popping up this year, Lenovo might just be able to make this device more appealing by aggressively pricing it. Unfortunately like so many other CES product unveils this year, no release date or price has been set for the device.

    Source: GigaOm

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