Nera Philippines, RansNet bring comprehensive Wi-Fi solutions to the country

    MANILA, Philippines – March 21, 2018. Nera Philippines, a leading wireless technology distributor in the Philippines, recently partnered with RansNet, a Singapore-based wireless technology solutions provider, to launch the latter’s newest line of wireless products and solutions.

    Nera Philippines, with its strong network throughout the country, will handle the distribution of RansNet’s value-added solutions. As demand for mobile and wireless technologies among private and public enterprises continues to rise, Nera Philippines and RansNet see a huge potential for growing the market with advanced technologies and products.

    Smartphone users in the Philippines reached an estimated 30.4 million last year, according to Statista, which means about 32 percent of the population uses a smartphone. This number is expected to rise to 40 percent by 2021. As the mobile population grows, demand for better Wi-Fi access and connectivity solutions in the country will continue to increase.

    “Today, businesses need a powerful set of IT solutions to drive and sustain business growth. The answer to their increasing need is here. Nera Philippines is glad to bring to the country a powerful set of IT solutions that will allow businesses to integrate technology to streamline operations and drive customer satisfaction,” said Desmond Yeo, country manager of Nera Philippines and AVP of Nera Telecommunications.

    “With our 15 years of experience in the industry, we believe that businesses don’t need to pay overpriced IT solutions. Our vision is to translate the best business values to products that enable customers to extract the best business benefits at a lower cost. We are excited to work with Nera Philippines to provide the best IT solutions for businesses here in the country,” said Randy Ran, CEO and founder of RansNet.

    Comprehensive Wi-Fi solutions

    Nera Philippines and RansNet’s new partnership also marks the launch of the mbox series, which comprises wireless products designed to provide better private and public Wi-Fi access in various hotspot locations in the country.

    The mbox products and solutions are aimed at enterprises and the hospitality and F&B sectors that need to offer Wi-Fi services to their end-users. In addition to faster connections, the products are easy to deploy, manage and operate, and offer enterprises and businesses the flexibility to do more with their Wi-Fi services through Wi-Fi marketing and user engagement activities.

    The mbox HotSpot Series, which includes the mbox HotSpot Gateway and mbox Access Point, packs comprehensive hotspot features and monetization gateway for use in Wi-Fi areas of large venues such as stadiums, mall, airports, tourist spots, hotels and other similar open places and setups.

    The mbox HotSpot Gateway series enables differentiated hotspot access experiences for hotel guests, VIP members, public users and visitors and supports numerous authentication options with web CMS for easy captive portal customizations. It simplifies deployment and optimizes cost as it delivers maximum performance and cuts point of failures.

    The mbox Access Point (MAP) offers businesses great cost savings while ensuring optimum performance and enhanced user experience. Ideal for the education, healthcare, agencies, retail and F&B sectors, the MAP is designed for easy massive deployment, provisioning, management and monitoring. It supports RF control, mobile access, QoS, seamless roaming, load balancing and other Wi-Fi optimization.

    Aimed at small venues, transport providers and retail F&B outlets, the mbox HSA Series – HotSpot Access is an integrated IoT device that can connect mass remote outlets and automated teller machines (ATMs) back to their corresponding central office securely and reliably. It features “zero-configuration” to enables speedy onsite deployment without the need for any certified network engineer.

    Nera Philippines and RansNet’s mbox series are available in the Philippines on an order basis. Companies can contact Nera Philippines to place an order.

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