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Acer Philippines Announces the All-new Ryzen 7-powered GX-281

Acer Philippines,  alongside its  semiconductor partner AMD, recently launched the  Acer GX-281 last September 11, 2017 in the Chaos Manila Nightclub in Paranaque city.  The GX-281 will be the first  AMD Ryzen 7-powered pre-assembled CPU to be made available to Filipinos.

Affordable and built for next generation computing and gaming, the GX-281 is Acer and AMD’s answer to the demand for better PCs.  As sales and marketing director of Acer Philippines Sue Ong-Lim  shares, AMD is one of the leaders in disruptive technology. According to her, it was only logical for Acer to collaborate with AMD in the creation of the GX-281.  Both Acer and AMD share the same principle that  ‘Quality and affordability should never be a compromise’. The GX-281 embodies that principle.

With a  sleek and futuristic design, the Acer GX-281 is able to sport its attractive armor-shaped housing and stunning red LED lights with utmost confidence. Its capabilities are just as good as its looks, if not better. Merging sleek aesthetic with power, Acer’s newest PC is able to provide superspeed data transfer, massive storage and expansion capabilities, and an out of this world 4k resolution with impressive refresh rates, and Qi wireless charging.  All backed up by the Ryzen 7 processor, it skyrockets the GX-281’s perfromance with eight CPU cores, 16 threads, a 3.4Ghz base clock speed (that’s boosts up  to 3.8GHz), and an Extended Frequency Range (XFR) for cooling and for next-generation performance.

Gaming is the bare minimum the Ryzen 7 can handle. It’s capable of doing so much more. With its eight cores that each feature Simultaneous Multi-Threading (SMT), the Ryzen 7 is a able to up the ante. Comparing it to AMD’s previous best, the Ryzen 7 sees a 52-percent improvement in instructions per clock, meaning that it’s able to process more clock for clock.

Additional features include Sense MI for active and expert  processor monitoring; single-threaded performance for heavy tasks; precision boost for ideal clock frequency, and more. These, among others, will surely impress. Humbling itself with affordability, especially when compared to other expensive CPUs, the GX-281 doesn’t at all fall short as it sits pretty with all the specs and processing power a PC gamer or content creator can possibly wish for.