AMD announces new 3rd-gen Ryzen processors

    AMD continues its market leadership by further strengthening its Ryzen Desktop Processor line. New AMD Ryzen 3 3100 and AMD Ryzen 3 3300X processors have just been announced, along with AMD B550 Chipset for Socket AM4 designed for 3rd Gen AMD Ryzen desktop processors, for people who want great performance, efficient power use, and superb value.

    The new processors bring the proven Zen 2 architecture to users across different use cases, from business, gaming, and creation. This delivers double the threads, and twice the bandwidth, with a growing selection of motherboards to cater to different needs and price points. The fastest ever Ryzen 3 desktop processors, the Ryzen 3 3100 and AMD Ryzen 3 3300X deliver top-notch power to mainstream gaming, by enabling SMT on a Ryzen 3 desktop processor for the very first time.

    The processors take advantage of 18MB Cache, delivering dramatic memory latency reduction, translating directly to smoother, faster gaming performance for high framerates in CPU-heavy games. Further, with four cores, eight threads, and the aforementioned SMT technology, these processors provide incredible multitasking performance and responsiveness that consumers need. 

    “Games and applications are becoming more and more demanding, and with this, users are demanding more from their PCs,” said Saeid Moshkelani, senior vice president and general manager, client business unit. “AMD is committed to providing solutions that meet and exceed those demands for all levels of computing. With the addition of these new Ryzen 3 desktop processors we are continuing this commitment with our mainstream gaming customers. We’ve taken performance up a level, doubling the processing threads of our Ryzen 3 processors to propel gaming and multitasking experiences to new heights.”

    The new B550 chipset for socket AM4, on the other hand, is the latest addition to the AMD 500 Series chipset family with support for the industry-leading AMD Ryzen 3000 Series desktop processors. The upcoming B550 motherboards are the only mainstream modern chipset with compatibility for PCIe 4.0, unlocking twice the bandwidth of B450 motherboards for high-speed, high-power performance in gaming and multitasking.

    The new Ryzen 3 processors will be available starting May 2020, and the B550 motherboards are expected to be available from ODM partners such as ASRock, Asus, Biostar, Colorful, Gigabyte, and MSI starting June 2020.

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