PLDT offers new productivity solutions for small-and-medium-enterprises

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    PLDT recognizes that 99.6% of all registered businesses in the Philippines are SMEs (small and medium enterprises). This includes the likes of local franchise restaurants and food stores (such as North Park, Pampanga’s Best, Baliwag Lechon Manok) as well as retail shops, delivery companies, and armored truck companies, just to name a few. The company also recognizes that these businesses lose a lot of money due to theft, pilferage, shrinkage, unproductiveness of employees, monitoring expenses, failing to restock some inventory items, and inefficiency of operations. PLDT’s Productivity Suite is offering 3 new solutions, namely—Watcher, F.A.S.Track, and CheckOut—in order to help owners monitor the operations of their business more closely, increase their control over it, reduce shrinkage, improve efficiency, and cut costs.

    PLDT’s Watcher is a video monitoring solution that allows SMEs to visually monitor their stores and branches through the internet from wherever they are. For instance, an entrepreneur who is running a handful of different outlets or branches all over the Philippines can have cameras installed in each of them so that he or she may keep tabs on them at all times. This gives the owner peace of mind and lets him or her address issues immediately instead of having to visit the different branches.

    PLDT’s Fastrack is an asset monitoring solution that enables SMEs to track the movement of field assets via the internet. This is especially useful for businesses whose efficiency relies heavily on logistics. Four different tracking devices are available (standard, covert, motorcycle, and heavy duty) and can be fitted into delivery vans and such. This allows the person-in-charge to keep track of the location of his personnel at all times to ensure that things are delivered on time and that his employees aren’t slacking off. The information is updated every minute and accessed online. If something goes wrong, like if a particular tracking device goes out of the usual route, then an alert is instantly sent to the supervisor.

    PLDT’s CheckOut is a real-time sales management solution that handles all point-of-sales (POS) requirements of SMEs. It provides branch managers accurate sales information and automates various processes to help them make better decisions. They can use it to record sales transactions, monitor inventory levels, and perform sales analytics.


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