Samsung Series 7 Slate (2012) hands-on, first impressions

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    As predicted, this year’s COMPUTEX was all about Windows 8 and the different ways manufacturers could squeeze the upcoming notebook/tablet OS into their products. Samsung’s Series 7 Slate was present during the festivities, and though this isn’t the first time this product has seen the light of day (it came out last year sporting Windows 7), the imminent release of Microsoft’s newest OS has prompted the Korean manufacturer to revisit the design of the tablet.

    The Series 7 Slate is now a bit skinnier – and is only 12.9mm thin. The overall weight of the device is now 860 grams, and Samsung says this particular version of the Slate will be equipped with 64/128GB SSD drives and will be powered by Intel Core i3/i5 processors. There’s three inputs to choose from with the Series 7 Slate – the actual 11-inch touchscreen, a digitizer pen and an optional Bluetooth keyboard.

    We managed to spend a few minutes with the Seires 7 Slate, and from what we could see the unit was pretty squared away. The device responded quickly to our swipes, and the digitizer pen was responsive enough to draw with. Hopefull Samsung bundles or develops some kind of drawing software when the Series 7 Slate eventually ships, as it would be a shame to waste the potential of the digitizer pen.


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