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PasaHero is the newest hero for commuters

PasaheroRecently launched by ABS-CBN, is the newest hero for Pinoy commuters, PasaHero. PasaHero is a passenger safety app that promotes the safety of commuters by tracking a commuter’s trip, and allowing for a quick way to notify loved ones in case of an emergency.

The app uses GPRS through an Internet-map based system in order to record the device’s current location, and track the duration and distance of the trip.

Upon begining a trip, passengers are required to fill in details of the trip including the mode of transportation, the vehicle’s plate number and color, and even a photo of the vehicle.

A “Panic” button alerts a customized list of emergency contacts of the user’s exact location in case the passenger feels threatened or encounters any danger.

There have been a few apps that has the same function, but PasaHero seems to be gaining popularity as it ranked number six on the overall app charts in the Philippines.

PasaHero can be downloaded for free at the App Store and will be available for Android devices this December.