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PolyFauna, Radiohead’s own app for iOs and Android


Calling all Radiohead fans! According to the blog post by lead singer Thom Yorke, they released an “experimental collaboration” app that channels “early computer life-experiments”. Accompanied by the band’s song Bloom, the goal is to follow the red dot while exploring an “evolving world,” simply by turning and tilting the screen. The fans also get to draw on the “environment” itself, creating an eerie and surreal like effect.


Free to download on both iOs and Android, these apps entice fans (and potential fans) to help the artists boost their sales. Similar apps released like Tinie Tempah’s Rap Demonstration, Björk’s Biophilia and Lady Gaga’s ARTPOP were downloaded multiple times on both platforms.

With efforts like these, will the mobile arena become an avenue for music, art and technology crossovers? It’s too early to tell, but these apps surely keep us entertained.