A New Music Streaming Service is Coming Your Way in 2018

    YouTube is planning to introduce another paid music service sometime in March 2018.

    Aiming to rival Spotify and Apple Inc., Remix combines the function of YouTube Red and Google Play Music. It typically enables users to stream and watch on-demand music videos right within their mobile devices.

    According to the report, three music publisher giants have been showing their interest for the said project. Warner Music Group has already signed a deal between the American video-sharing website while Sony Music Entertainment and Universal Music Group are still negotiating terms and conditions in the contract.

    In the past years, YouTube has been criticized in the record industry for not compensating artists and labels despite of releasing their music videos on the said platform. Copyright infringement of music uploaded on the website is also a huge concern of musicians and producers.

    In 2014, the company has released a similar service which offers their subscribers an ad-free music videos through Youtube Music Key. Later on, it was developed in a larger scale with YouTube Red in 2016, allowing the audience to watch clips without any commercial breaks.

    Everyone looks forward to see this big change that the management has meticulously planned for next year.

    Source: The Verge and Bloomberg

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