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Are you on Windows 7, 8, or 8.1? We’ve got some great news.

Microsoft has just announced that users running windows 7 and above will be getting free upgrades to Windows 9 (Which is actually Windows 10 for, well, reasons) once it launches later this year. The free update, which will be made available for a whole year after launch, is likely meant to entice users to switch to the new platform, in turn making developers more interested, and thereby attracting more users. this is a solid departure from the Microsoft of the past, which charged an arm and part of a leg for each new version of their admittedly popular operating system.

To sweeten an already great piece of news, the new OS will be a unified one, running on both mobile and desktop hardware, meaning direct compatibility when it comes to apps, albeit with some cosmetic modifications. This means current Windows Mobile users will also get in on the free update action. There is no word from the Redmond company as to how much the OS will cost once the year has elapsed, but if you haven’t upgraded by then, you will really only have yourself to blame.