Black Ops 2 Revolution DLC coming to PS3 and PC at the end of this month

    G4 reports that the first DLC map pack of Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 will finally hit PS3 and PC on February 28. The content was first made available to Xbox 360 late last month.

    The DLC pack, called Revolution, features four multiplayer maps. These are:

    • Hydro: (Pakistan) — In a hydroelectric dam facility, players must dodge the deathly spillways as they fight for supremacy.
    • Grind: (Venice Beach, California) — Players battle it out in a skate park through ramps and half-pipes.
    • Downhill: (French Alps) Players fight through snow-covered slopes as they try to avoid the mountain’s moving gondola system.
    • Mirage: (Gobi Desert, China) In this map, the battlefield is a former luxury resort that’s been razed by a sandstorm.

    Revolution also features a  Zombies map, Die Rise, in which players fight to conquer a zombie infestation in a dilapidated Chinese city full of crumbling skyscrapers. The new Zombie game mode, Turned, puts players in the shoes of the undead. The goal in Turned is to kill the lone human on the map, and once you’ve successfully done this, you respawn as the lone human and  when the other players—the zombies—come to get you, you try to fend them off.

    The pack also contains a bonus weapon, the Peacekeeper SMG.

    Revolution costs USD $14.99, standalone, and is also available as part of the Season Pass deal at USD $49.99.

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