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EastWest introduces a new handy travel companion

EW Travel Money Launch executives

On October 10, EastWest Bank launched a pioneering product intended to make travel abroad safer and more convenient, the EastWest Travel Money is the first multi-currency prepaid card in Southeast Asia.

“This world-class product is in line with our goal of making banking easier for our customers,” said Gerry Susmerano, Executive Vice President and Head of EastWest Bank Retail Banking and Operations.“  We developed this product to give travelers convenience by enabling them to maintain ‘currency wallets’ of their choice and the flexibility to reload it whenever they need additional currency.”

The EastWest Travel Money can be used to make purchases, eliminating the risk and hassle of carrying cash.  With this innovation, travelers can enjoy the convenience of cashless shopping in over 30 million VISA-affiliated establishments and online merchants worldwide.

Iain Jamieson, Visa Country Manager for the Philippines and Guam, said “We are proud to partner with EastWest Bank to celebrate this milestone, which brings the benefits of a multi-currency prepaid travel money card to Filipino travelers.  The EastWest Travel Money offers a simple and convenient way for Filipino travelers to pay, reducing the reliance on cash which can be less secure and harder to track when traveling abroad,”

Better than cash

The EastWest Travel Money allows travelers to load up to six different currencies simultaneously—US Dollar, Australian Dollar, Hong Kong Dollar, Euro, British Pound and Japanese Yen – with locked-in exchanges rates for the loaded currencies.

There is also a secure option since the cardholder’s signature is required to make purchases and the PIN when withdrawing from ATMs.  It also comes with a companion card, which serves as an emergency card to access the loaded funds if the card gets lost or stolen.

Cardholders can easily keep track of their load balances, view transaction details and statements just by logging in at www.travelmoney.eastwestbanker.com.

Travel Money Promotion

EastWest Bank also announced its Travel Money promo, wherin the bank is waiving its Php500 card application fee and loading fee of USD5 from October until December 31, 2013.  Customers can avail of the free loading fee even after this period.

To find out more about EastWest Travel Money and its promo, visit www.eastwestbanker.com or any EastWest branch store.