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Gaming and why it’s more fun in the Philippines

ABS-CBN Multimedia has recently culminated its “Amped4Fun” awareness campaign where players of Shaiya and WarRock Philippines submitted their own cheeky spin-off of DOT’s popular viral “It’s More Fun in the Philippines.”

Rare weapons and enhancements such as a red FAMAS weapon for WarRock and a +2 enchant for Shaiya were awarded to 11 players whose entries garnered the most ‘likes’ on Amped’s official Facebook page. Among the 109 entries from Shaiya and 183 from WarRock,  Mark Achel Bacsafra Gagalac, Jerick Ebanreb, Jezreel Recolito, Clarisa Joyce Velasco, Drakken Joe, Noel Seblos, Geass Gelizon, Allan Abelada, Mark Dave Gregorio, Nikko Treveno, and Jhun Del Rosario emerged as winners last January 25.

Shaiya features a rich and expansive back story, clean graphics, immersive gameplay, tons of dungeons, and quests. Players can also choose which race their characters will come from including Human, Elves, Vail, and Nordein.

WarRock, on the other hand, gives players a fresh alternative to the various Role Playing games in the country with five different military character classes—Military Engineer, Scout, Combatant, and Heavy Weapons unit. Players can also enjoy technologically advanced vehicles and weapon systems.

Watch out for more exciting contests from ABS-CBN Multimedia’s gaming brand, Amped. For more information and updates, check out www.amped.ph, www.shaiya.ph, and www.warrock.ph.