Globe Telecom partners with Aicent for faster LTE roaming connectivity


    Globe Telecom taps Aicent, a global network services provider, to strengthen its Long Term Evolution (LTE) roaming services in providing seamless connectivity with its recent partner, Korea’s SK Telecom.

    Figures from the Bureau of Immigration show that South Koreans were the top tourists to travel to the country in 2012, with close to 1.1 million visitors that year. With Aicent’s LTE Roaming Exchange Solution—a managed IP network ecosystem designed to deliver voice, data, and video services with assured quality of service and guaranteed security—Globe and SK Telecom subscribers can enjoy and create a spontaneous roaming experience as they travel between South Korea and the Philippines.

    This solution offers users transparent and automatic access to LTE services. Furthermore, Globe Telecom acquires instant connectivity to more than 45 LTE operators worldwide via Aicent’s extensive network of operators all through a single IP connection, realizing better quality of service using IPX network, cost reductions with the integration of IP services onto a single network, and improved network management through a robust set of web-based tools.

    “As the leading LTE roaming operator in the Philippines, Globe realizes that it has become increasingly more important that we provide our subscribers with LTE coverage not only in the country, but also abroad as they activate their roaming services. By creating a roaming bridge with SK Telecom through Aicent’s LTE roaming solution, we are able to broaden our LTE coverage to South Korea, allowing subscribers to enjoy seamless and high-speed broadband and mobile data services,” said Rizza Maniego-Eala, Head of International Business Group at Globe Telecom.

    Aicent VP for Product Marketing MK Chang added, “The commitment by SK Telecom and Globe Telecom to continue their adoption and integration of LTE roaming technologies reinforces their positions as global leaders in the advancement of 4G LTE solutions. We are pleased that Aicent’s LTE Roaming Exchange was selected by both operators to create a trusted LTE gateway between their two networks.”

    Via: Globe

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