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Jabra, making great sound look good


A world leader in hands-free audio solutions, Jabra, have announced that their very own Jabra Biz2300 headset had bagged the prestigious Red Dot Award.

The new and intense design process of the Jabra Biz2300 was kicked off in North America, where the international design agency, Designit, and Jabra’s R&D team figured out what their potential customers actually felt about their devices and their use, through their own large scale in-house customer support centers.

“With the Biz 2300, we challenged ourselves to reinvent the corded headset. This has resulted in a headset which, in terms of functionality and esthetics, satisfies the requests and demands of the end-user and the industry alike. We are very excited that our efforts have been recognized by Red Dot,” said Holger Reisinger, vice president of marketing of Jabra.

As a result, the Jabra Biz2300 outperformed on the parameter of a lower total cost of ownership – considering the deployment cost, lifetime and repairs that can occur. Plus, compared to other products in its range, it has a 50% better noise cancellation and is 20% lighter.

“One of the reasons that this particular Red Dot Award is interesting is that we do not normally see contact center headsets becoming successful in the communication categories. This is where the consumer products from companies such as Apple tend to dominate,” said Mads Heje Pedersen, Senior Product Designer at Designit. “I believe that it would be beneficial for others in the industry to look at Jabra for inspiration on how to combine high-tech technology with a design which is appealing to the individual end-user, as this will become the key competitive parameter of the future,” Reisinger added.

The Red Dot Award is one of the most sought-after awards in the design industry, and has existed since 1954.