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    Nintendo removing online multiplayer mode in DS and Wii

    TechnologyGamingNintendo removing online multiplayer mode in DS and Wii

    Nintendo Wii

    If you’ve been a Nintendo fan ever since the company started releasing consoles, then this might put you off. It is confirmed that the company will be shutting down the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection both the DS and Wii consoles.

    Starting May 20, 2014, the online multiplayer mode on DS and Wii games won’t work anymore, however Wii apps like Hulu, YouTube and the online store will still function as normal.

    Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection DS

    Nintendo said that despite popular game titles such as Mario Kart and Super Smash Bros are supported by the Nintendo Wi-Fi connection, they don’t see online gaming thriving on the DS and Wii. The 3DS and WiiU will remain unaffected.

    As to everyone’s recall, Nintendo announced last year that they would be removing various built-in apps on the Wii, followed by the release of Wii Mini, which doesn’t feature internet connectivity, unlike to its predecessors.

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