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    Nvidia GeForce 800M GPUs for powerful, thinner notebooks

    TechnologyGamingNvidia GeForce 800M GPUs for powerful, thinner notebooks


    Nvidia recently unveiled their powerful new GeForce 800M line-up of notebook GPUs that promises a massive performance improvement compared to their older generation of GPUs.

    The company revealed that this GPU launch differs from the previous ones since they’ll be giving emphasis to gaming this time around. For one, the Nvidia came up with a “Battery Boost” that will give gamers up to double gaming battery life. The Battery Boost will target a user defined frame rate, instead of pushing every component to work at their full capacity, while the driver level governor operates all other system components, including the CPU, GPU and memory in order to maintain a smoother gaming experience

    Along with this, the GeForce ShadowPlay is also included in this launch that lets the users to capture high-quality in-game footage or stream their games to without the performance drawback on the notebook. They are also adding the notebook support for GameStream for streaming PC games smoothly, while using Wi-Fi connection.

    Nvidia also announced that all owners of the previous models like the GeForce GTX 700M and GeForce GTX 680M, 675MX, 670MX and GTX 660M GPUs will be able to update their GeForce Experience software to support ShadowPlay and GameStream.

    For a list of gaming notebooks that carry the new GeForce 800M series, click here!

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