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Official Steam Android app now in beta test

If you’re a hardcore gamer, chances are you have Valve’s digital content delivery system, AKA Steam, installed in your PC. Understandably, it was only a matter of time till the game developer/internet rockstars made a mobile version of their app available for mobile devices. Well, the wait is almost over. Currently in closed beta, the Steam mobile app allows users to buy games directly on their phone that they can then download and play later on their PC, as well as connect with friends and communities they already have on Steam. Unfortunately, while the app is now available in the Android Marketplace, if you’re not part of the people who are included in the closed beta, you won’t be able to access it. Don’t worry though – we have a feeling that Valve won’t let gamers waiting for long. Let’s just hope the release date isn’t based on Valve-time.