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Pioneer Enhances Car Safety and Entertainment

Pioneer Electronics, a global leader in aftermarket car audio, has recently launched  its newest editions of its multimedia receivers last August 16, 2017. Included in their line-up are the 1-DIN AVH-Z7050BT, the 2-DIN AVH-Z5050BT, the AVH-Z2050BT, and the AVH-Z1050DVD multimedia receivers that boast a convenient one-cable connection, superb audio-video visual performance, support for top-tier mobile connectivity applications, and more.  

Here are Pioneer’s Four Core Strengths:

Convenient and Premium Smartphone Connectivity for All

Previously, equipping  top-tier  technologies and premium smartphone connectivity to your vehicle would require an actual purchase of a luxury vehicle, or expensive multimedia equipment. Pioneer eliminates the need for expensive and unnecessary purchases.

Pioneer’s newest release makes it possible for the masses to enjoy comprehensive smartphone connectivity and entertainment. Equipped with Bluetooth technology that includes support for Bluetooth AVRCP 1.6, the Z-series multimedia receivers enable users  to connect up to 5 devices, and likewise enable  them  to swiftly  transmit and browse their media library on the receiver’s screen.

The main highlight of Pioneer’s connectivity solution is its support Apple CarPlay, Android Auto and Pioneer’s proprietary  entertainment platform, AppRadio Mode+. With the integration of these technologies, hands-free capabilities are enabled. Whether it be sending a text, making a call, listening to Spotify, or even asking for directions via Waze, Pioneer’s multimedia receivers make it possible to safely execute tasks with hands-free ease; a feature perfect for use, even when driving.

Plug and Play Operation

Pioneer recognizes that the best of technologies are those that  can be readily accessed with ease. Simply plugging your Android or iOS device will trigger automatic recognition and syncing of data. For easy operation and personalization, the receivers also  allow user interface customization, as well as color and design customization with 112 illumination colors, and selectable themes.

One-of-a-Kind in-Car Video Entertainment

For those long road trips, or everyday rides, Pioneer offers  passengers to enjoy a cinematic experience, even on the road. The all new Z-series multimedia receivers now support the  playback of full-HD, 1080p files. Joining this are other in-car entertainment features that contribute to receiver’s stunning visuals and convenience. These include support for NTFS formatted hard drives, support for several file formats, and the capability of the 24-bit true color LCD screens to produce 16,777,216 hues for better color fidelity and richer colors.

Premium Sound Quality for the Audiophiles

Collaborating with its TAD professional audio division, Pioneer has performed under-the-hood enhancements that include newly developed circuit boards that preserve signal integrity while eliminating external interference; top-tier and audiophile-grade audio components; and fine-tuning from  Pioneer’s sound engineers. Beyond this, the receivers also include a 13-band graphic equaliser, an auto equaliser, auto time alignments, an advanced sound retriever, and support for 192kHz/24-bit FLAC file playback.

“The world is more connected than ever. Together with the proliferation of smartphones and mobile internet across Southeast Asta, local drivers are expecting better seamless connectivity from their in-car infotainment systems,” said Mr. Takao Chiba, deputy general manager of Business Planning and Marketing Division, Pioneer Electronics Asia Centre. “The new Z-Series multimedia receivers were developed to meet consumers’ evolving expectations of easier smartphone connectivity and superior audio/video performance. With that in mind, we have focused on both hardware and software upgrades to offer a complete and improved user experience.”

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