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The New Ford Explorer Arrives in July

The Ford Explorer has just received a huge set of upgrades that make it the safest, most comfortable and smartest SUV in its class. Active Park Assist Makes parallel parking dead easy by finding a spot, and steers the Explorer into the spot. It gives peace of mind to even the most nervous drivers. Lane Keeping Technology makes sure you are on-track, and not only warns you when you are going off-course, but applies just enough force to the wheel to get you back in position.

One of the biggest causes of accidents on the road is the inability to see cars hidden in places you can’t quite see. The new Explorer gives you a hand by displaying an alert right at the side mirror when a vehicle enters your blind spot. When on cruise control, the new Explorer also makes sure you maintain a safe distance from the vehicle in front of you be easing up on the throttle to keep you sufficiently away from trouble. Once the road opens up, the Explorer senses it, and picks up speed once again. If a potential collision is detected, the Explorer adds necessary braking to avoid impact.

The new Explorer will be available starting July, and can be yours at 2,929,000, so start saving up for the best Explorer yet.