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Trend Micro invites programmers to join “Codinsanity” 2014


Trend Micro Incorporated is set to fire up the future of big data optimization through the Trend Micro Codinsanity 2014 Asia Pacific Programming Contest.

For this year, the annual competition encourages the young, talented aspiring programmers and working professionals to creatively solve real-world algorithmic challenges in big data.

Big Data Problem Solving

Codinsanity is the ideal testing ground for contestants to think out of the box and explore solutions to better link data sets, refine recommendation engines or add intelligence to existing processes. It poses as a great platform to showcase innovative applications with market potential and positive social impact.

Trend Micro is offering optional coaching services to participating teams from the time of registration to the finals to help them prepare for the competition. All coaches are Trend Micro experts based out in China, Japan, Taiwan and the Philippines.

Contest Details and Mechanics

The format of this year’s contest is split into two stages, beginning with an online test and ending with an on-site final in Taiwan. The programming languages for the contest are C/C++ and Java. Participating teams will be scored based on accuracy, performance and speed – for the online test. The ten highest-scoring teams will travel to Taiwan (all-expense paid) for the finals where they will compete against each other and be judged on the following criteria: creativity, completeness of solution, technicality and presentation.

The winning team of the Trend Micro Asia Pacific programming contest will receive a cash prize of USD 20,000 and undergo an exclusive two-month student internship program with the company. The first runner-up, second runner-up and finalist teams will receive USD 10,000, USD 6,000 and USD 2,000 respectively.

Registration for Trend Micro Codinsanity 2014 Asia Pacific Programming Contest is now open to undergraduates and young professionals in the Philippines. For more information about the contest, visit http://contest.trendmicro.com/2014/.