Trend Micro launches security solutions for the “Post Now, Think Later” era

    Technology Technology News Trend Micro launches security solutions for the "Post Now, Think Later" era


    In the photo (L-R) Product Marketing Manager (Consumer) for Southeast Asia Andrew Tan, Director of Core Technology Marketing Myla Pilao, and Senior Manager (Consumer) for Singapore and Philippines Adel Ang at the Trend Micro Security Solutions launch.

    In this digital age, we often disclose information online more than what we intend.With this situation at hand Trend Micro warns, “Everything we do online leaves behind a digital footprint that can lead cyber criminals back.”

    On a recent survey conducted by Trend Micro, results reveal almost 70% of the respondents are very active on social networking sites, accessing their accounts at least once a day.“Filipinos are highly switched on. However, they should be mindful about strengthening social network privacy settings. Trend Micro urges Filipinos not to be complacent online. Personal information is valuable to cyber criminals, for their own gain, create false identities for criminal use or even leverage your network to target your friends and family,” said Terrence Tang, Senior Director of Consumer Business, APAC Center Sales and Marketing, Trend Micro.

    Privacy Scanner detects privacy loopholes on social network profiles

    The Trend Micro Titanium 2014 is equipped with Web-threat protection that identifies and blocks dangerous links in websites, social networks, emails and instant messaging. With an integrated privacy scanner, emails containing phishing scams that can trick users into revealing private personal information are detected.

    Also, it now simplifies privacy settings on Twitter, Google+, and Facebook – for both Mac and PC. Facebook settings can be managed on-the-go via an Android app plus it gives users control over which apps can access biographical data, and who can tag and see photos.

    Trend Micro also urges consumers to seek discretion when posting online. In line with this they launched the Trend Micro Vulnerability Quotient, available at– a Facebook app that helps in determining how vulnerable we are online.

    Trend Micro Titanium Maximum Security 2014

    “Trend Micro encourages the building of safer digital social cultures, and aims to enable everyone to protect their digital lives,” said Andrew Tan, Product Marketing Manager (Consumer), Southeast Asia, Trend Micro. “More than just ensuring safe surfing habits, solutions like Trend Micro Titanium Maximum Security offer consumers all-in-one, all-rounded protection against identity thefts, virus and other online threats automatically, so consumers can enjoy their online experiences safely, with a peace of mind.”

    Trend Micro Titanium is the leading all-in-one security solution that employs up-to-date cloud-based technology in proactively halting threats before they reach users.

    Trend Micro Titanium features:

    • A first of its kind technology providing social networking security – the Privacy Scanner for Windows now include Google+ and Twitter in addition to Facebook, monitors privacy settings and flags potential privacy concerns.
    • Trend Micro DirectPass password management system helps maintain multiple passwords and securely log on to websites.
    • Trend Micro Online Guardian and parental controls monitor kids on social networks and their online activities.
    • It comprises of tools protecting data from loss or theft including Secure Erase file shredder, Trend Micro Vault with remote file lock and a 5GB Trend Micro SafeSync account to protect, share and access files for Titanium Maximum products.
    • Set-and-forget security – eradicates the hassle of alerts and pop-ups.  Intuitive interface is easy to install and use with simple displays and reports
    • Extended protection for multiple devices, available for laptops, smartphones and tablets, including Android, Mac and Windows, and support for Windows 8 operating systems.

    Trend Micro’s range of Titanium products is available in all leading IT retailers nationwide and online at the Trend Micro website. Trend Micro Titanium Internet Security 2014 for one device is PHP 990.00 and PHP 1,790.00 for three devices. Trend Micro Titanium Maximum Security 2014 for three devices is PHP 2,490.00 and Trend Micro Mobile Security for one Android device retails at PHP 900.00.

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