Vivo Announces USD 4 Billion Partnership with Qualcomm

    In just over a year since its introduction in the Philippines, global smartphone brand Vivo has been making waves and gaining the trust of Filipino smartphone enthusiasts with one innovative device after the other.

    The brand’s recently launched V7+ proved itself to be an instant hit with its 24 MP front-facing camera and smart photography algorithms that make for clear-cut, crisp, and natural-looking photos. In just a span of less than two years, Vivo has cemented its status in the highly-competitive global arena of mobile smartphones by innovating phones that are easy on the pocket.

    To maintain this position and to continue providing consumers with the best smartphone experience, Vivo and Qualcomm signed a memorandum of understanding worth USD 4 billion. The said memorandum strengthens Vivo and Qualcomm’s technical partnership and patent sharing.

    Vivo has worked with Qualcomm on research and development in the biometrics space. Through this, the company has introduced its Under Display fingerprint scanning solution based on Qualcomm fingerprint sensors at the last Mobile World Congress. Vivo is also continuously working to improve its other technologies such as 3D facial identification, palm prints, fingerprints, and iris scanning to boost its devices’ functionality and security.

    The company is also closely looking into the significance of human-computer interaction and has planned a series of collaborative initiatives to accelerate the formulation of 5G standards.

    Pushing for its goal of global expansion, in October, the company officially headwayed into Hong Kong and will soon introduce their top-of-the-line products in Taiwan, Singapore, and Russia. This will be followed by a push into the African market in early 2018.

    For inquiries about Vivo, visit the Vivo website at or check out their Facebook (, Instagram (, and Twitter ( accounts.

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