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We are go for the Zano drone.

The Zano Swarming drone is a go. The smart, swarming, autonomous camera has successfully met and surpassed its 125,000 British pound goal on kickstarer, in spectacular facion, managing to raise over 2 million pounds by the time the project closed the other day.

The drone, which is small enough to fit into the palm of your hand, has ease of use at its core, with an app that allows users to control it with a smartphone and gestures. The software lets the user launch the drone, have it fly to a certain altitude and distance from the user, and tether it to that spot, relative to the smartphone, meaning it is virtually tethered to you, even if you start moving around. With a 5-MP camera, a 15 minute battery,a top speed of 15MPH and enough smarts to home in on your location once the battery starts running dry, it is hoped that the Zano drone will revolutionize how people take action footage.

The drone should start shipping in June of this year, with a converted price of less than PHP15,000. Yes, we are as excited as you are.