The all-new Ford Ranger receives groundbreaking safety ratings

    Technology The all-new Ford Ranger receives groundbreaking safety ratings

    The brand new Ford Ranger marks its place in history by becoming the first pickup to score the maximum 5 star rating under the Euro NCAP crash test protocol, as well as receiving the highest rating for any vehicle in pedestrian protection, setting a new standard of safety among pickup trucks.

    How did the Ford achieve this? Before putting the new Ranger prototypes through rigorous real world tests, countless hours of research and virtual simulations were conducted. By diving into the simulated world first, precise calculations could be performed in order to achieve the optimum result. So now that we know about the research, what exactly does the new Ranger come equipped with? It’s actually quite a long list, but here’s a few examples.

    The new Ford Ranger has an ultra-strong steel “reinforced passenger cell” which redirects the forces from impact away from the vehicle’s passengers to ensure its occupant’s safety. Additionally, this pickup has been equipped with pedestrian-friendly front bumpers and a “hexageneous under-bonnet structure to reduce the potential for pedestrian head injuries”.

    The new Ranger also has some advanced driver assisting features as well, such as the standard Electronic Stability Program or ESP, which is basically a system of sensors that monitors the pickup’s movements and makes adjustments to suit the environment it’s in, whether it’s adapting to rough roads or ensuring that braking is applied correctly at a specified speed while descending down an incline.

    The list goes on and on, but if you’re interested in “picking up” this pickup, the all-new Ford Ranger will be available in the Philippines in the first quarter of 2012.

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