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Spaceteam: The most fun you can have at a party, without alcohol


Party games are huge fun. Whether you’re just hanging out somewhere and looking to kill some tie with a few pals, or looking to break the ice at the next cozy gathering, Spaceteam is just the ticket. iOS and Android users can play this 2-4-player game, no matter what the device mix, either over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. Gameplay is deceptively simple. You are all on a space ship, and must cooperate to survive.  The game gives players instructions which involve moviing sliders, turning dials or punching buttons on a console that is unique to each participant. It seems easy enough, until you realize that some instructions are meant for other players to carry out on their respective control panels, which will require the instructions to be called out loud.  As you can imagine, the pace can be pretty frantic, and is made even more so by slime, broken panels, blackouts and other confusing in-game events. The app is free in both the Apple and Android store, and is huge fun thanks to the pace and the tongue-in-cheek approach the game takes towards the space theme. You’re going to have to try very hard to keep from playing just one more round, but if the action gets a little stale, the game offers in-app purchases to increase variety and difficulty. To survive, you must work together as a team– a Spaceteam.

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