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Why Ultra Wide-Color is Essential for Accurate Color Reproduction

There are many variations of monitors out there, each with distinct qualities ever so apparent when compared side by side. In the world of tech,  you’ve probably wondered why photos viewed on other monitors are vivid, yet dull on some. And perhaps between that comparison is also the question of which monitor actually produces more  accurate and true to life colors.

When it comes to determining good monitors, a wide-color gamut and  high color accuracy are key factors you should consider. Equipped with an innovative Ultra Wide-Color technology,  Philips monitors are able to deliver a wider color gamut that translates to higher color accuracy and a wider range of colors. The result are natural-looking greens, vivid reds, and deeper blues for an excellent viewing experience like no other.

Why Philips’ Ultra Wide-Color Technology Matters

To simply put, Philips’ technology matters greatly  for its  accurate color reproduction and  superb picture quality, essentials for graphical work and design. For those in the print, film, and photography industry, graphical work will require a monitor with a greater range of color as well as consistent color accuracy.

The  Ultra Wide-Color technology  translates to a wider range of color area in the color gamut space. Now able to store a wider range of color values, the monitor produces more natural-looking and vivid colors.   Considering high demands for monitors that have accurate color reproduction, Philips monitors, equipped with the Ultra Wide-Color technology, comes as an important asset, especially for professionals.

The colored area is the range of colors human beings can see with the naked eye. A 85% of the NTSC gamut offers richer color reproduction

Behind the Technology

Behind the stunning visual display is the Ultra Wide-Color technology that’s able to achieve wide colors effects through hardware enhancements, rather than relying on software based color fine-tuning. With a rating of above 85% of the NTSC gamut area, as compared to the usual 72%, the monitor’s hardware enhancements are able to bring more true-to-life images.

Whether it be consuming media or working on graphics, the technology’s expansion of colors are able to bring pictures that are more alive

Philips Monitors with Wide-Color technology

For entertainment and professional work, these Philips Monitors feature the Ultra Wide-Color technology: