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Made to Fit: a musical featuring Samsung’s new digital appliances

A day in the life of a tech journalist is not without at least one press launch to cover in a week. These launches usually consists of programs made to introduce flagship products of companies. In my experience in the field, I can say that the program flow of the launches I’ve attended are all the same. However, just this week, Samsung Electronics shied from the status quo—and we can’t say we complain.

To show the Filipino family’s continued adaptability along with how Samsung’s digital appliances adapts to the evolving consumer needs, the company staged Made to Fit. To our interest, the musical was easily entertaining and informative. It’s relatable to the point that you’d want to get the Samsung appliances involved in the acts.

The story goes to tell the lives of two individuals, just starting on their own. Soon, their paths crossed. And, from merely being acquaintances, they became a couple and soon went on to start a family of their own. Through these stages, a Samsung digital appliance was conveniently present to aid them.

“We decided to introduce our products differently and creatively to demonstrate how Samsung Digital Appliances’ innovation keeps ups with changes in consumer’s life stages, from being independent yuppies, to getting married, and eventually starting a family,” Jun Filart, business unit head for Samsunf Digital Appliances said. “This shows that Samsung Digital Appliances are the answer to the ever-evolving needs and diversity of the Filipino families.”

The musical was set in an experiential area, where guests can take a closer look at the latest Samsung Digital Appliances. The digital appliances included in the line-up were previously introduced at the 2015 CES and Samsung’s SEA Forum. Here’s a roundup of the appliances that made the musical extra special.

Samsung Top Load Fully Automatic Washing Machine with ActivDualWash

This new washer from Samsung has its own dedicated sink, washboard, and water jet built right into the washer, that makes for a more convenient pre-treating of laundry. These, built right into the machine, can help reduce the risk of back pain occurrences when washing. Additionally, this fully automatic washing machine pack features that address common laundry problems such as tangling, detergent residues, and lints that may damage clothes: Wobble technology creates powerful vertical wash motions to prevent tangling; magic dispenser that uses a propeller to dissolve detergent in the dispenser and spread it even; and Magic Filter located at the water level that traps lint, fluff, and particles coming out of clothes during the washing process.

Samsung Food Showcase Refrigerator

This revolutionary comes with a “fridge within a fridge” design. It features two independent areas that in effect gives more space and wider range of storage and organization options. Also, this FSR has a metal cooling door that helps maintain the temperature in the fridge even if the door is frequently opened and closed.

Samsung AR7000

This AC unit features a triangular design that makes for quicker and wider-range cooling. It also is an energy-efficient machine that offers consumers a powerful and optimized cooling system, without adding cost and electricity usage. Apart from these key features, Samsung offers a 10-year warranty program for the unit—that almost equals to the product’s estimated shelf life!

Other Samsung appliances that made a showing during the musical was the Samsung Smart Oven, Samsung RH 6000 refrigerator, and the Samsung WD 14 washer.

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